A bride’s special day always starts with bridal preparations. This includes things like hair and makeup as well as getting into your gown. Photographers will be available to take pictures of your preparation, but there are a few things to be aware of on the big day.

All together your bridal prep will take about 60-90 minutes, depending on the size of your bridal party. Your photographer will be on the scene once the major components of your morning are taken care of.

Hair and makeup should be almost finished when a photographer arrives at your preparation location. Any “action” hair and makeup shots can be staged. As you can imagine “before” hair and makeup pictures rarely are selected for photo albums or are shown on social media.

Your gown, as well as any bridesmaids dresses or mother of the bride dresses, should be taken out of their packaging and hung on their perspective hangers before your photographer gets to your location. This is to ensure that your photographer, as well as you, will not have to spend important crunch time setting shots up.

Any detailed shots that you may want; jewelry, shoes, something new, something borrowed or something blue as well as wedding invitations, should all be confined to a specific spot in your prep area. It is also important that any ‘in memoriam’ pictures you want involved in your shoot are taken off the wall or out of storage and confined to this spot as well.

Your photographer’s job is to capture the details of your big day, but you have a say in any special pictures you would like. Many brides want pictures with their mother, father and each bridesmaid separately. If these are pictures you want included in your big day, make sure you let us know. This is important because each picture involving people takes around 3-5 minutes to set up.

After you complete your photo timeline builder, we will be scheduling a conference call with you to go into further detail for your bride’s preparation and to establish a timeline.

Happy Wedding Planning!



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