All together, a first look and portrait session 1 will take around 1.5-2 hours. Each first look session, whether the bride does this with her soon to be husband/wife, or father, will take, at most, 15 minutes of this 2 hour session. Most brides choose to do a first look session in a different location than the one in which they prep so keep in mind that travel time will affect this process. Add at least a ½ hour into your plans in case you encounter traffic on your way to your destination.

Many brides want pictures with a multitude of people. Family, bridal party and the bride and her soon to be husband/wife are just a few examples of portraits that will be taken during this session.

Keep in mind that staged portraits take 3-5 minutes to set up. To ensure we schedule the correct amount of time for this session, we need you to submit an EXACT shot list of all of the portraits you would like your photographer to capture.

If you know them now, you can submit the in the Photography Goals/Notes/Shot List section of this form. If you are not sure, please start to work on that list and email it to as soon as possible. 

If you do not have any specific types of photos in mind this will allow for your photographer to be as creative as possible and capture all of the little details that make up your day.

Happy Wedding Planning!



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