Photographers will get detail shots as much as possible during your reception. Many of the shots during this part of your special day will be candid, such as the first dances. All of these shots will not be staged. Your photographer will take a break during dinner (about 15 minutes) as many people do not enjoy being photographed while they eat. If you would like to request a a quick portrait session during the sunset, depending on what time of year your wedding falls, let know know so we can schedule that as a part of your evening.

Table shots are no longer customary, but again, if you would like your photographer to do them, please let us know prior so it can be scheduled. Please note that even with doing the “fastest” table shots possible, each table takes approximately 5 minutes to set-up if all all of the guests are present at that time. Oftentimes, guests are out and about dancing, at the bar, in the bathroom, etc so getting everyone in every table shot can be difficult if not impossible.

It is best to schedule your photographer/videographer until about 1 hour prior to the end of the reception. The cake and garter and bouquet activities (if you are doing them) are normally scheduled by your reception venue at 60-75 minutes before the end of the night. After this occurs, the rest of the night usually consists of more dancing at which you can decide when to cut the photographer/videographer if not already scheduled to the end at that time.

Videographers usually follow the same agenda. They will be responsible for capturing the mood and staying very unobtrusive during the reception.

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